Ajoite healing properties

Ajoite Healing properties

Ajoite crystal is a powerful and gentle emotional healer.

It can assist with resolving old karmic wounds, from this lifetime as well as previous ones.

Working with Ajoite can assist one’s spiritual evolution by bringing transformation and understanding of past karma and difficult experiences because it  has the ability to make you understand the reasons behind your past life circumstances and situations. It will help release old karmic wounds and implants.

It works by gently purifying the throat, heart, and upper Chakras, and is especially cleansing for the heart Chakra.

Some of the strongest gifts of Ajoite are strengthening and balancing the emotional body by bringing healing and harmonization for tense emotions.

Ajoite is a great stone for those who struggle with excessive fear, worry, control issues, and grief. It can help release toxic emotions and old emotional wounds, in a gentle and loving way.

Ajoite will help you connect to the angelic realm. It will connect you to the Divine and bring forth a deeper knowledge and understanding that you can share with others.

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