Pietersite healing properties

Pietersite Healing properties

Pietersite main healing properties

Relaxation, relieve worries, courage, improve memory, tenacity.

When practicing lithotherapy and cristallotherapy, Pietersite is a wonderful choice for building self esteem and image. It boosts ones moral and teaches pride.

Great for artists who feel their work is not good enough to show. A good choice for teenagers who feel they are un-worthy. Let them know that they are loved and very important. Another healing stone that should be in everyone’s healing kit.

Pietersite is an anchor for Angelic energy here on Earth.

It dispels illusion, assisting you in recognising the beauty of the soul and helping you to support human courage, tenacity and dauntless effort to create and maintain beauty on this planet.

The Angels working through Pietersite work with a particular calm and joyous peacefulness which is very uplifting and helps dissolve confusion and fear about what lies ahead for the Earth.

Pietersite helps relax and release limits you place on your creativity and allows you to recognise your divine potential. It can be used to stimulate the pineal gland and help you experience visions and precognitive thoughts during a meditative state.

It facilitates travel through all spheres of existence, culminating in access to the Akashic Records. It is also invaluable when experiencing or releasing deep emotions as it calms emotional outbursts and upheavals – hence its name of Tempest Stone.

It shows your subconscious a new structure that does not recognise the blocks you feel in your relationships.

It helps heal your physical body as it releases emotional restrictions on using your powers of healing yourself and others. It helps you to trust yourself in using love and allows your heart to expand and release its blocks and fears.
It helps you to align your conscious will with your soul’s will.

It will help any Chakra to open and integrate its energy with the rest of your body, helping you learn to use the many dimensions of light available for your creativity.

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