Must have gemstone water and gemstone essence

Must have gemstone water and gemstone essence

Recommanded crystal essences and crystal waters to have in stock

Rose Quartz water and essence:

A gentle circulatory boost, this essence can fortify the heart and soothe the emotions. It can bring a sense of peace to those who need it.
Rose quartz is highly supportive to the emotions and it will give much comfort and gentle warmth if feeling as though ‘the world is against me’. Good if someone is trying to get over a broken relationship and there are emotional wounds that need healing. Rose quiets and calms turbulent feelings and helps us to feel good about ourselves. If there are skin problems this essence may help or drink the gem water each morning. Can be used in conjunction with a rose quartz aura massage.

Amethyst water and essence:

Amethyst is extremely helpful in cases of anxiety, grief and loss. Wonderful in most cases of tension and stress and is particularly beneficial if the stress is exacerbating digestive conditions.

Headaches that are due to tension and tight neck and back muscles are helped by amethyst. This stone has a gentle effect and can calm anger and relieve insomnia. It can help us find answers to difficult problems within our dreams. Amethyst can assist us in any quest to find inner peace. It might help as an addition to an oil blend for Indian Head Massage.

 Calcite water and essence:

Calcite assists the immune system and boosts metabolism. It can enable us to stand up for ourselves when facing difficult times and give us strength when we most need it. Obviously the colour of the stone used will give added effects e.g. orange calcite for warmth, joy and anti-depressive properties or yellow calcite would help us get rid of that which we no longer want or need in our lives.

Calcite offers a good all-round healing essence. It can help to speed up the healing processes in the body if there are scars, broken bones etc. Taking this essence may enhance the memory.

Rock crystal water and essence:

Very effective as an essence. The clear quartz crystal is very powerful and it can revitalise, refresh, balance and fortify the mind, body and spirit.

If this essence is too powerful it can be beneficial to begin by taking the gentle amethyst essence to cleanse and then build up to taking the clear quartz. This crystal is an excellent protector and the essence can be very useful if going into a situation where there is likely to be conflict or confrontation.

It can be beneficial also after working with people who have put a great drain on one’s resources, for the therapist this can be a great boost. Use when there is a need to get rid of an excess of negative energy or when someone feels extremely fatigued, drained and in need of a tonic.

Carnelian crystal water and essence:

Carnelian can help to soothe sorrow in the emotional body, especially if that sorrow is holding us back in the past and preventing us from moving forward. This stone is warming and gently energising, it can help us deal with fear and give the strength to live in a joyful way. It helps us to be highly aware of the present moment, teaching us how to simply ‘be’. This can be of benefit to those who constantly worry about the future even when things are generally happy and relatively care free.

Used on the skin carnelian can help to heal cuts and minor abrasions. Digestive problems can receive a gentle, healing boost from this essence.

Smoky quartz crystal water and essence:

Smoky quartz is the general anti-stress stone. This essence or water will ground, calm and still the mind from internal chatter and negative thought patterns could be checked.

It can enable us to be more objective about problems where feelings are running high and clouding the issues at hand. Smoky quartz can help us to focus when times are hard and can keep our concentration going when we feel it may falter. During hard times this essence can be a godsend. Taking it can help us to become more resistant to stress and increase our ability to cope with difficult situations.

We must be willing to face up to the reasons why we may react to certain situations in a particular way. It is always said that it is not the situation that causes the stressful feelings; it is our reaction to it. Smoky quartz essence can help us deal with that.

Aventurine crystal water and essence:

As a member of the quartz family Aventurine  is a good stone to consider using for your essences or waters.  It is said to encourage positive feelings and enhances feelings of well being on the physical, emotional and mental planes.

This stone can help with sleep problems and encourage creativity when needed. It can also point us in the right direction to understand what really makes us happy.

This essence or water could help where pain is involved in an overall stress problem. Aventurine can bestow a pioneering spirit and give the courage to act out one’s dreams if fear and indecisiveness are getting in the way.

Ruby crystal water and essence:

This essence is very powerful and will lend a vigorous boost to the system. Melody says that this stone ‘encourages one to follow bliss’.

This essence would be helpful in cases where the depression is such that there is no light at the end of the tunnel. It warms, offers support and strength, protects against many forms of negative energy and is an   excellent reviver for the base and heart chakras.

A truly life enhancing stone, the Ruby can also assist if the libido needs to be revived. The essence or water can bring a sense of joyful passion to our lives. Use where love, passion and enthusiasm are lacking in life.

Some suggestions for use crystal water healing:

  • Rose quartz essence for emotional hurt and upset.
  •   Amethyst compress with gem water for pain and inflammation.
  • – Amethyst essence for insomnia, grief or depression.
  • – Rose quartz water applied as a facial rinse for a skin tonic.
  • Ruby essence for promoting vigour, passion, enhanced libido and joy.
  • – Ruby water as a compress or in a footbath for cold feet.
  • – Aventuring essence where courage is needed to achieve fulfilment in life.
  • – Smoky quartz essence for stress relief and strength during difficult times.
  • – Clear quartz water when a strong revitaliser is needed.
  • Clears negative energy.
  • – Carnelian for help with fear and digestive problems.
  • – Rose quartz water in face cream or lotion to give gentle bloom to the skin.
  • – Ruby water in massage lotion to boost circulation.
  • Invigorates the whole body.
  • – Amethyst water in massage lotion for neck /shoulder tension.
  • Promotes sleep.
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