Pyromorphite healing properties

Pyromorphite Healing

Pyromorphite enhances the energies of other minerals.

It also attracts money and other objects of wealth, and can help you to see the steps to take to achieve your goals, giving it the nickname the ‘Victory Stone.’

This green gemstone activates and stimulates your own personal energy and can be used to get rid of creative blocks. It is often used to renew connections with people you’ve lost touch with.

Pyromorphite is excellent for healing because of its enhancement of other stones. Physically, Pyromorphite is used for chills, gum disease, removing organisms from the blood, and assimilating B vitamins. Pyromorphite contains lead and should not be used directly to make elixirs.

Pyromorphite was once used in shamanic journeys into animal forms, to assist one in coming back to their physical body.

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