Mystical properties of gemstones

Mystical properties of gemsThe physical properties of gemstones are a matter of scientific determination. Not so the talismanic, curative, and supernatural powers with which since very early times man has endowed them.

Certain gems preserved from incubi, vampires, and kindred terrors, others preserved him from the powers of sorcery or conferred the powers of witchcraft, by their aid he controlled the spirits of evil or was protected from their malign influence.

With a suitable gemstone he could foretell the future, review the past, or conjure up pictures of events taking place at a distance.

Protected by their mystic influences man feared neither plague nor poison, while his belief in the marvelous efficacy of their curative powers gave them a place among his most potent remedies.

The virtues of gems were diverse.

Some procured the favor of the great; others rendered their possessor amiable, wise, strong, and brave, some protected him from fire, lightning, and tempests; others from danger and disease, some were preferred as talismans and charms; others were used as drugs, either alone or with electuaries, and with or without prayers, incantations, or other prescribed formulas.

Planetary influence of gemstones

Certain gems brought good or evil through the planetary influence of certain days.

  • All yellow gems were appropriate for Sunday wear through the name-giver, the sun.
  • On Monday, the moon day, all white stones except the diamond were to be worn.
  • Tuesday, the day of Mars, claimed garnets, rubies, and all red stones.
  • Wednesday demanded blue gemstones.
  • Thursday, required amethysts and other stones of a sanguine tint.
  • Friday, the day of Venus, had for its gem the emerald.
  • Saturn’s day claimed the diamond.
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