Smoky Quartz healing properties

Smokey Quartz healing properties

Smoky Quartz healing properties

Absorbs pain, negativity and density, allowing for a deep grounding of negative energies so that they may be transmuted by the earth.

Smoky quartz is excellent for work on grounding, abundance and security with the base chakra for those that are more comfortable living in their minds, heads or imaginations. Assists with Manifestation & Abundance, excellent for clearing depression & negativity, and could then be followed with Citrine and Rose Quartz for joy, love and lightness to be restored to the aura.

Highly Protective. Grounds & Centres.

Revealing the Darkness, useful for Shadow & Unconscious Work, Accessing Past Lives & Ancient Wisdom of the Soul – Facilitates Connection with Soul and all aspects of the psyche.

Smoky quartz promotes physical & emotional healing and assists with understanding & clearing addictions.

Smoky quartz is the building stone, it builds physical strength and is an excellent empowering stone, restorative and deeply supportive, especially after depression, deep emotional work or any form of extreme physical illness where the energy system is starting to rebuild, repair and restore itself.


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