Fashion and jewellery can’t be separated

Women, fashion and jewellery can not be separated.

Although there are jewelry for men too but it seems that women are the most rightful candidates for wearing them. Women jewellery come in all types of materials: gold, silver, other metals, beads, wood and even clay and stones, coins etc. All women wear jewellery but for different reasons.

First and foremost reason for wearing jewelery is that they make the wearer look beautiful.

Some women wear them as fashion accessories to bring out the complete beauty of outfits.
Some wear due to religious factor or traditional ritual. Most of the married Indian women wear bangles, necklaces, rings, toe rings etc. to observe cultural obligations.

Some women, especially young girls, wear them to follow the latest fashions. You can easily spot them wearing a typical bracelet or ring or some other such jewellery just to be with trends.

Yet others wear precious jewelery to show off their ‘well off social status’ ( not a very tasteful reason but yes its a fact!)
There is one very cute reason too for wearing jewelery. Women wear jewellery received as gifts from their loved ones (husband, boyfriend, brother, father, friend, mother etc.) just out of emotional attachment to them.
And there are some others who wear jewellery for bringing luck to them.

Can gemstone jewelry bring luck with them?

Astrologers say that when a person is born, the planets and stars are in a particular position. Their position influences the life of that person by emitting some electromagnetic energy and radiations. These may be good effects, bad effects and mixed effects. There are particular stones of many colors, popularly known as gemstones, that can alter the influences of planets by making them more favorable or by diminishing their ill effects. This is done by rays emitted by the gemstones.

They can do wonders regarding luck in love, money, business, etc. in the life of the wearer. However, these gemstones are prescribed based upon the position of the planetary bodies during the birth time of the person. Thus, astrological horoscopes are made for prescribing them to a person.

There are many people who don’t believe in this theory. They could not understand the logic behind a small stone affecting big planetary energies. However, there is one fact- something done with faith can really bring amazing results.

If you take your medicine with faith, you will definitely recover fast. If a person wears these gemstone jewellery, s/he will be positive about the efforts put in to resolve any issue. This gives a push to take the right moves and thus the gemstones can play a positive role in bringing good fortune (not just by wearing them but by the positive efforts put in by the wearer).

One thing is clear anyway- gemstones are so beautiful that no one can be spared from their charm! Be it ruby, emerald, garnet, or the ever favorite gem of women- the diamond- they all give a charming beauty to the wearer. So, whether you believe in the astrological explanations about good effects of gemstones or not- you can always wear gemstone jewelry for its sheer beauty!


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