What is gemstone water

What is gemstone water

What is gemstone water for?

By placing the chosen gemstone within the water the properties stored in the stone are transferred, like a latticework effect, through each molecule contained in the water.

The memory of the information of the stone is then imprinted in the water and stored for us to use as required.

When we drink the water this vibrational message is then transferred to our energy system.

Gem water and essence can be used in many ways, we can drink them, use them within a bath, compress, room spray, massage and in creams, ointments and lotions.

The water will not keep very long, about 24-48 hours at most in the fridge.

It is always best used as soon as possible after being made.

The essence will keep for much longer as it contains a preservative for example, alcohol, Red shiso (a type of Japanese mint) or cider vinegar. Where there is evidence of anxiety or depression, feelings that someone has ‘lost their way’ or for symptoms like unfounded fears, the essences and waters can be highly beneficial.

They can also help when experiencing change for example, menopause, moving house, childbirth, death, loss and many other challenging or life-changing experiences that we may go through.

Stones that are not suitable for making gem essence or water Before we look at how to make essences and waters I think it would be useful to discuss the fact that there are some stones that are not suitable for making essences.

 Selenite– water-soluble
Lapis Lazuli pyrite inclusions are potentially poisonous. Porous.
Turquoise – don’t soak the stone.
Halite – water-soluble.
Malachite – ensure water is cool.
Amazonite – caution, copper inclusions. Copper is toxic to the body.
Azurite – copper content. Toxic.
Boji stones – sulphur content make them unsuitable.
Chalcopyrite – copper & sulphur. Potentially toxic
Chrysocolla – copper content.
Cuprite – copper content.
Dioptase – copper content.
Hematite – will rust in water
Pyrite – potentially toxic
Wulfenite – lead content, potentially toxic

Don’t make a gemstone water with a stone you are not very sure about

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